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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The other day I received this message from somebody I know on the Pacific coast. The guy indiscriminately litters the Internet with news about Macedonia, praise of the GOP and every acid comment about the Democrats. Occasionally he sends batches of jokes and high-resolution porn. I get very upset when he decides to promote a certain nut-case who blabbers about 23 centuries of Macedonian history, but in general, he spread a lot of uncensored stuff. This time I was surprised with the subtlety of his mail. He decided to forward an appeal or solicitation by d-r Dusko Aleksovski for money. This appeal for money by the expert of Rock Art (that is the scratches on rocks thought to be "writings" by apes or neanderthal men and women of some 40,000 years ago) is thinly disguised as an offer for sale of four gold and five silver medals (Olympic?) valued at $30,000 for just as little cash as to buy $7,000-$8,000 worth of digital equipment and the best lap-top. Mr. Dusko Aleksovski needs this hardware because "he has to" (that is interesting) "present Macedonia" to the participants of the (IFRAO) congresses on Rhodes and then in Lisbon.

He wants to own the equipment, not rent it for the two (eventually 20-30 minutes) presentations. If the event is well attended - there are 20-22 people al-in-all present during the lofty name "Congress of IFRAO". There were ONLY 16 delegates during the Congress (relegated then to "A Third Business Meeting") in Cairnes, Australia, when the Macedonian association was accepted as the 24-th member of IFRAO. Can you imagine how much this scientist sacrifices for Macedonia?

It is obsolete to ask why did Aleksovski spend $30,000 to buy those medals instead of purchasing a fine Nikon for $1,000 and the best Apple lap-top for about $1,500? It is also useless to ask what do those 14-carat gold medals represent to be so valuable? It is also very, very risky to ask what has Macedonia to do with scratches on rocs of 40,000 years when we are told by similar individuals that we derive directly from Alexander II the Great of Macedon. Full stop.

This guy tries to get the money from the Macedonians from all over the world so that he could tell what? That they derive from the apes or the neolithic creatures who roamed the caves of the planet? Thus: it is not Cyril and Metodij who invented the cyrillic alphabet but there were other literate men who wrote in "pra-Macedonian" 40 millenia ago and mr. Aleksovski will now decode their messages!

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