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Saturday, November 27, 2010



In my very modest opinion this is an urgent case for the Dutch national ombudsman. The director of the CBR (drs R.A.L. Verstraeten) allows his medical counsel (X.H. Nguyen) to maltreat me while processing the extension of my driving license. I am 71 of age, have a license for the past 45 years or so, had two STAAR operations on my both eyes this summer, have a document from an eye-surgeon (d-r Floris Hageman) that my eyesight is fine and that the driving license should be extended for 10 (ten) years.

I still do not have it.
That is the caprice of the clercs of the CBR.
Such behavior is intolerable.
I am under medical treatment and must drive every workday for radiotherapy in the AMC, I have explained all that, and the director of the CBR continues to allow his medical advisor, who is NOT an eye-surgeon, to stall the processing of the extension of the driving license.

It is unhuman.
Such a chicanery of people may not be allowed in this country.
There is no point having an ombudsman who does not act upon complaints like this. The bureaucrats feel bolstered and become intolerable. That in turn undermines the legal state.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why is "The Girl from Macedonia" pissed off?

Tanja Milevska is a journalist.
Her mother is one, a very well informed and sharp correspondent for Macedonian media from Brussels.
Her grandfather and her grandmother were also big time journalists.
In her latest article she sort of whines for the missed opportunity to drag the attention of her colleagues during the recent NATO summit in Lisbon to the "Macedonian question" there unanimously pushed under the rug.
Of what I gathered, she was not given the chance to air her well prepared question at the joint press conference of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and President Karzai of Afghanistan. Since everybody around her knew that "the girl from Macedonia" will have a rhetoric question about Macedonia - she was skipped, her risen hand disregarded.

She felt frustrated.
Eventually, latter, she had seen the light. This is how she tries to declare she is turning a new page in her work.

"There I was in a huge press room with prominent journalists from all over the world fighting to put questions about the new global security challenges, while outside the venue peace activists were demonstrating against nuclear weapons and Portugal was readying for massive protests against poverty…. and all I could think about was the negotiations about Macedonia’s name.

I’m not saying the name issue is insignificant. But it would surely be a good thing if the country were to get out of that narrow hole and take a look at what’s going on outside. If nothing else, it would take some of the drama about the inevitable change to the name of our country. "

I sincerely hope that she will prove with the stuff she files that Macedonia has what to say and discuss with the world apart of the issue with Greek absurd and self-destructive intransigence. She may indeed help many to follow her example.




The Registrar (Griffier, Bursar) an ordinary bureaucrat, a public servant of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, the ICTY, REFUSED to obey a court order of the Trial Chamber composed of three judges of the Tribunal appointed by the Security Council of the United Nations. Further to his refusal to disburse 50% of the funds otherwise allocated to all the penniless defendants brought for trial before the Tribunal - the registrar, in a brazen demonstration of arrogance QUESTIONED before the Appeal chamber the reasoning of the Trial Chamber.

For my ignorant in judicial matters - this behavior is unheard. The man, was he somebody called Holthuis or not is irrelevant, litigates the decision, the ruling of the Trial Chamber claiming that the justices trespass their authority, he also publicly belittles their reasoning, their acumen, their concern for fair justice and so on and so forth. In short, he refuses to provide the accused Vojislav Seselj the funds badly needed to cover parts of the costs for his defense.

Vojislav Seselj in turn refuses to cooperate with the tribunal untill the arrogant registrar is forced to obey the court order and disburse the allocated funds.

This situation is very indicative of the general climate within the ICTY.

Thousands of millions of dollars (that is billions) have been spent by the UN for the establishment, upkeep and the work of the ICTY. The Tribunal was scheduled to wind up its sittings and one of the reasons for its extended activity (and the fat big monthly salary plus expenses and perks for the haughty registrar) is the speedy wrap up of the trial of Vojislav Seselj. There is no doubt that the longer this trial goes - the longer will Mister Registrar collect the salary from the Tribunal.

Instead of pranking the registrar with a fine for contempt of court, the appellate justices will deliberate now (they have done so) whether the registrar or the Trial chamber were right.

The registrar claims that Mr. Vojislav Seselj refuses to provide SUFFICIENT documentation that he does not have the funds to pay for his defense counsels. The Trial Chamber overruled that excuse extended by the registrar. He has to obey and pay. But he further to refusing, enters THE REASONING of the justices. He behaves as a bully and he has to be brought up to the book. He has to be fired because he is not a justice. He is an administrator. The Security Councul MUST support the Tribunal and the pronouncements of the justices if the United Nations want to have legally fair set of trials. Screw the administration.
The reasoning of the international justices of the Tribunal is above reproach.

It quite another story how openly provocative is the registrar in his reasoning about the defendant's financial status and treshold above which a defendant cannot get financial help by the Tribunal. The registrar provides a "formula" that is composed as to insult the individual, a formula devised to mock the level of cultural and social standards of all the defendants from former Yugoslavia, a formula that is a red rag in front of the eyes of a capable, intellectually and legally literate raging bull like d-r Vojislav Seselj.
The registrar has to resign or be fired.
Right now.


Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber.
A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. 

Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. 

According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier. 

Forget the pills - eat a banana. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood. 

High in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of haemoglobin in the blood and so helps in cases of anaemia. 

Blood Pressure
This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in potassium yet low in salt, making it perfect to beat blood pressure. So much so, the US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the banana industry to make official claims for the fruit's ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke.

Brain Power
200 students at a Twickenham (Middlesex) school ( England ) were helped through their exams this year by eating bananas at breakfast, break, and lunch in a bid to boost their brain power. Research has shown that the potassium-packed fruit can assist learning by making pupils more alert. 

High in fibber, including bananas in the diet can help restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome the problem without resorting to laxatives. 

One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey.. The banana calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system. 

Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body, so if you suffer from heartburn, try eating a banana for soothing relief.

Morning SickneSs
Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness. 

Mosquito bites
Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin. Many people find it amazingly successful at reducing swelling and irritation. 

Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system

Overweight and at work?
Studies at the Institute of Psychology in Austria found pressure at work leads to gorging on comfort food like chocolate and chips. Looking at 5,000 hospital patients, researchers found the most obese were more likely to be in high-pressure jobs. The report concluded that, to avoid panic-induced food cravings, we need to control our blood sugar levels by snacking on high carbohydrate foods every two hours to keep levels steady. 

The banana is used as the dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases. It also neutralizes over-acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach. 

Temperature control: 
Many other cultures see bananas as a 'cooling' fruit that can lower both the physical and emotional temperature of expectant mothers. In Thailand , for example, pregnant women eat bananas to ensure their baby is born with a cool temperature.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): 
Bananas can help SAD sufferers because they contain the natural mood Enhancer tryptophan. 

Smoking &Tobacco Use: 
Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking. The B6, B12 they contain, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal. 

Potassium is a vital mineral, which helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body's water balance. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate rises, thereby reducing our potassium levels. These can be rebalanced with the help of a high-potassium banana snack. 

Accord ing to research in The New England Journal of Medicine, eating bananas as part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%! 

Those keen on natural alternatives swear that if you want to kill off a wart, take a piece of banana skin and place it on the wart, with the yellow side out. Carefully hold the skin in place with a plaster or surgical tape!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Serbs join Greeks in attack on Macedonia

The alert against the Serbian kitsch in Macedonia does not have anything racial
as Latas implies because the Serbs and Macedonians are same white race.
There is kitsch everywhere all right, but Serbian kitsch is something different
The Serbian kitsch is, eh, the king of kitsch.
So why did Latas made this up?

There is no doubt that the peaceful and through the course of time stoically enduring Macedonians are again harassed, exposed to a brutal, joint, aggressive pressures and intimidations emanating from the political dens in Athens and Belgrade. This harassment is dangerous for both the region and for Europe as whole. The aim of the intentionally lightly veiled plot is to question the international legality of the Macedonian language, culture and ethnicity, the right of the Macedonian people on their hearth and home, albeit the legality of the otherwise internationally recognized territory of the sovereign countries that 129 UN member-states address as the Republic of Macedonia.

The implications of this synchronized attack on Macedonia are deadly serious.


The Greek diplomacy and money-laden lobbying groups have succeeded to involve the United Nations administration into a dirty, illogical, losing gambit of sacrificing every single principle of the Charter of the World organization only and only to eradicate the term "Macedonian language" from the UN official ID of Macedonia absurdly referred to as FYROM. The eradication was annulled after the lightning intervention of Mr. Miloshoski, the foreign minister with the secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon. The public still awaits the detailed explanation how was such "a mistake" possible, who executed it and what or who and when with what motivation enticed the UN official to act illegally.

This affair illustrates how imperfect may be the official documents of the United Nations and how easy it is to amend a far reaching texts disturbing or endangering not groups but whole nations. Such an affair may not remain veiled and every single detail of it must be exposed to the full General Assembly of nations.

The proposed line of action is badly needed.
It will, in my opinion, point to the head of the Hellenic state as a culprit in a joint act of defrauding the international institution, the Security Council of the UN, with intention for group or personal profit in the form of influence, power, position, moneys or all of those simultaneously. Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the president of Greece, signed the Interim Accord, an obligatory document that binds Greece NOT to block the other party of that accord (the Republic of Macedonia) from accession to international organizations, But the man said today that Greece will effectively block the admission of RM in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization tomorrow in Lisbon. This is the case for the International Court in the Hague.

Greece, therefore, opposes the will of all the other NATO member-states, 129 UN member-states not out of spite but because of its interests in the future of the Balkans. Those interests are secret and obviously transformed into plans and plots. The first ally in such a scheme are obviously influential circles in the Republic of Serbia. Those circles act ever more aggressively against the stability of Macedonia, their southern neighbor. While one (the northern) part of Macedonia badly suffered more than 80 years under brutal Serbian yoke, the other (southern or Aegean) was ethnically cleansed by savage, atrocious Greek occupation. Until 1941 Greece and the Serbian (Yugoslav) kingdoms shared borders on somebody else's homestead. Both occupiers brought into Macedonia of the Macedonians their settlers, in numerous cases brigands, murderers and gendarmes ruled by a thin layer of tradesmen, bureaucrats and "educators" with nationalistic and expansionist agendas.

The remnants of those settlers are now rabidly active in and against the Macedonian definitive integration within the family of nations under the centuries old name of its population. There is no point evading the fact that a significant majority of Macedonians considered themselves (until the 19-twenties or thirties) as brethren with the Bulgarian folk. There are abundant documents that point out to the definitive formation of the national cognition as separate, distinctive ethnicity after the 19-thirties. Personally, I myself do not mind if the definitive, firm and lasting comprehension of my compatriots as Macedonians begins with the first ASNOM and I do not care of Alexander the Great, the king of Macedon or Samoil, the unfortunate Emperor with his court in Ohrid.


But I do care when people today threaten the freedom of speech, intimidate editors and journalists with criminal proceedings when they publish a title pointing to the "Serbian kitsch". So, an editor of daily newspaper, "Vecer" (Evening), scared the with of the Macedonian nation by announcing he rises as a gallant saviour in defense of the Serbian nation, name and honor. The guy is a brazen type who does not mince his words. He is of course a Serb who has been living in Macedonia for years, a capable journalists who dominated the Macedonian tv-programes (he is fluent in the local language) and now edits a popular daily. So, this man, widely known by the nickname Latas, alias Dragan Pavlovic, has written and signed a threat that he will take to court a bunch of people because (according to him) they enticed ethnic hatred and racism.

Well, naives might think that Latas is fighting for larger circulation of "Vecer" or for influence through notoriety. He might. But he is actually the opening the attack from all guns against the rights of his colleagues on a freedom of speech implying that the Macedonian population of this small country is actually a crowd of ethnically intolerant racists who hate the Serbs. This stupidity will be taken up and drummed by the Serbian press. The Greeks will jump on the platform too with "it is not only us, the Serbs are endangered by the Macedonians" and so on and so forth. There are about 1,3 million Macedonians squeezed between something like 16 million Greeks and Serbs, notorious for their ancestors' role in subjugating Macedonia.

All this is synchronized and explodes a night before the NATO summit in Lisbon. Now, I will profess that NATO will disintegrate if Macedonia is not invited to join it. It will disintegrate because Macedonia cannot financially survive as an independent state without some formalized external help. Macedonia has endured 20 years of chicanery but I doubt it can hold on another 20. Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia cannot single-handedly manage Macedonia. This becomes a bundle, a Gordian knot but composed of human emotions and blood, not threads of wool to be cut without profuse bleeding all around.

If Latas files a case against enticing racial hatred, no court in Macedonia will dare dismiss it. But the alert against the Serbian kitsch in Macedonia does not have anything racial, Serbs and Macedonians are same white race. Or are they? There is kitsch all right, but Serbian kitsch is something different, recognizable. There is sure Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek and German kitsch, but Serbian kitsch is, eh, the king of kitsch. So why did he make all this up?

My educated guess is that he was asked to do so.
Maybe, if you comment enthusiastically, I will agree to disclose who do I think instructed this smart guy Latas, the journalists who so many people love to hate.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Is there a Dutch way to blatant corruption?

This summer I have allowed a perfect stranger dig into my precious eyes, one after another. With a pair of pincers he took out first the left lens (the black of my eye, my window to the beautiful world and faces around) and after few weeks the right one. He implanted artificial ones. So that I can see better than the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and have my driving license extended (I am just over 70) these two STAAR surgeries were a necessity.

Dr Floris Hageman, a very able and highly recommendable eye-surgeon with the OPSIS center in Amstelveen worked miracles and we parted with him stating that he warrants I will have no problem getting an extension of the driving license because I could now drive without glasses at all. But then came the surprise.

The medicaLadvisor of the Dutch CBR (an acronym for Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen) sent me letter demanding that I provide a document from an ophtalmologist that my eye-sight is OK. Tthis is what I wrote back:

Geachte d-r Nguyen,

You have decided to send me a “verwijzing naar een oogarts” because, it appears, you did not trust the report from my huisarts d-r H.L. Kieviet.
That decision of yours is symptomatic. Doctor Kieviet told me that he was reporting that I had two STAAR operations on both eyes this ummer in OPSIS oogartsenpraktijk.
For your information I was operated by Drs. Floris Hageman who specialized as oogarts in the VU Medisch Centrum. Zijn bijzondere aandachtsgebieden zijn hoornvliesproblematiek en de chirurgische behandeling van staar. Drs. Hageman is lid van het Nederlands Oogheelkundig Gezelschap, lid van de European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, lid van de Nederlandse Intraoculaire Implant Club en Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology.
If you are an ophthalmologist and an eye-surgeon you might well know d-r Floris Hageman.

I am puzzled why do you want me to pay other €80 (you needn't care that I am a so called "minima" on uitkering by the Rijk) for a new check of my eyes when I received one document on 8 September from the OPSIS of which you have a photocopy included. In my opinion you have not read well the documents sent to you 30 days ago. I have asked the director of the CBR for a speedy processing and explained why.

I think you have done your job poorly or with caprice because you have refused to trust d-r Kiewiet's recommendation last year and after a simple check up in OPSIS which was WITHOUT any surgery, you extended the license for a year incurring only costs but not doing a thing for the safety on the Dutch roads and highways. I doubt that you understand what I am telling you. I demand a five year extension of my driving license right now.

Since I feel myself mistreated by your whimsical decisions do rest assured that I will press for a full investigation in this matter but you cannot withhold the extension of my driving license.

Grozdan Popov

Monday, June 07, 2010

ABN-Amro Bank lies to its clients


When a respectable bank, say a bank like De Bank, that is ABN-Amro Bank, an iconic institution, sends a Statement to a client, one is bound to take it at its face value. The trust in the bank's integrity is probably the most important, the basic understanding of a relationship between the financial institution and its client. People may suspect that their bankers are greedy, people may believe that the bank managers take huge risks, almost gamble with the assets of their clients, people may be ill at ease with the lavish remuneration of the top executives and may doubt, like the Holly Father in Rome, the bankers' moral judgment when demanding usurer's interest rates.

But people never ever doubt that the bank will lie.
It is unacceptable that the bank will write "your order was executed" the payment was completed, your so much moneys were transfered to the beneficiary you have pointed - when actually the bank did not do it. To some smart lawyers this may seem a passable mistake. But it is not.

Mr. Gerrit Zalm, the CEO of ABN-Amro Bank and former minister of finance of The Netherlands needs to go to the bottom of this post documenting that somewhere down the line in the bank he guides there are people who lie, there are people who over-ride the software and after the client had received a written confirmation, a statement that his transaction was executed - annul it, make it null and void.

The other day I went to the branch office of ABN-Amro Bank in Amstelveen and the officer on duty volunteered, after he heard a part of my complaint, to prove me wrong, that such a thing is simply impossible, that I must have guffed it somewhere. He worked for couple of minutes on my account and when he got the statement Your order was executed, told me, satisfied: "You see. It is done. You probably made a mistake".

The very patient gentleman, his name is Alex de Waart, was willing to check wheter the amount was really debited from my account. His mouth dropped when he had seen it was not. His bank cheated him too and he was embarrassed. He said he had never ever seen such a thing nor he could believe it is possible.

The legal and the practical aspects of such a complex meddling with the software and the reputation of the bank, such an outright lie thrown at the face of any client are huge. Not only individual people but institutions, like the Belastingdienst (Inland revenue) or the notorious BKR are not expected to go and check the truth of a bank statement. This means that a cheating bank can ruin the lives of people and ABN-Amro certainly did severely damage my well-being and overall life of the last ten years or so.

The last time I had differences with some rather strange people in the branch office of ABN-Amro Bank in Amstelveen, Mr. Rijkman Groenink found it necessary to personally and in writing extend his excuses for the mistakes of his staff. This means that those people remain in the branch office while Mr. Groenink is gone. Long time ago I have met Mr. Zalm who stood for the indisposed Wim Kok, the then minister, during talks with a Macedonian financiers delegation. This time I expect that he may wish to go right down to the bottom of this sickness in one of his branches because this situation is alarmingly indicative.

In any case, I would be very, very thankful to any suggestions for legal help here. Is there a watchdog over the practices of the financial institutions, over misuse of the depositors moneys, are there legal ways to bring ABN-Amro Bank to the book for if this can happen to a small one-man-firm (einmanzaak) what would stop the same people ruining a large firm or misappropriate millions or billions of euros. I do not nourish much hope that a gallant Dutch
lawyer will ride in on a white horse to help me and save the face of ABN-Amro Bank.

Friday, February 26, 2010

T-Mobile Netherlands


The affair around T-Mobile Nederland pushing phantom charges on its subscribers continues.
It appears that Peter Meefout, former director of customer finances, had contracted an obscure firm (Lindorff B.V.) where he was director, to collect (by threats of court actions) bills incurred by allegedly unknown parties who were syphoning moneys from subscribers using technology gimmicks and robbing practices.
When carefully read, the Linkendin profile of Peter Meefout, shows that he used T-Mobile to pump money (from customers) into Lindorff where he was director at the same while serving in T-Mobile.
The public prosecution in the Netherlands did not so far act to either alert the public or chase the culprits.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Dutch horror with T-Mobile

T-Mobile Nederland made my life a misery.
Of what I have experienced, I would say that these people acted and behaved with planned, brazen insincerity to trick people into a scheme.
T-Mobile Nederland has advertised that anyone may have an i-Phone 3G for a basic tariff of €29, 95 and my family decided to surprise me with one for my 69-th birthday. They gave me the cash for 24 months and I was besides myself with joy.

Not that I was unaware of the shenanigans of T-Mobile various offices and individuals, but I simply thought that improper or outright irresponsible, improper, harmful or damaging attitude and practice by T-Mobile Nederland is impossible in this social and legal climate. Well, I was totally wrong.

T-Mobile Nedrland bullied me inflicting serious financial and health damage through the services and attitudes of a legal firm, I believe that they, the T-Mobile Nederland, must have bullied other innocent people as well. I believe that this matter must be criminally investigated and I will try to put this post right into the hands of the "officer of justice" or the public attorney who should in his or hers official capacity have to act and investigate the allegation that T-Mobile KNOWINGLY, being fully aware of a criminal situation at its own turf, maltreated, intimidated, scared and inflicted serious psychological harm to innocent customers motivated by indolence, greed, careless attitude or all of these combined.

This is a serious allegation against T-Mobile. Despite I would have never dreamt of extending the 24-month contract with T-Mobile (at the end which the Nokia I used should have been unlocked and I could keep it even if I changed the provider) when it was announced that they had an exclusive contract with Apple for the iPhone I had to chose: either t-Mobile or forget about iPhone. T-Mobile sent me the iPhone for free on understanding that I will continue the subscriber status for yet another two years.

The problems arose instantly. I have signed and written that all I want is the basic monthly subscription of €29,95. Few month latter the invoices rocketed to €89 despite I would have neither calls nor 10 SMS messages per month. When I have written that something is wrong and requested investigation - the boss of customer services of T-Mobile chose not to respond.

Then LINDORFF PURCHASE B.V. from Zwolle, the legal representative of T-Mobile, approached me (in writing) with a demand for a ludicrous payment. They wrote I responded, they wrote some more and threatened me with the courts and I responded, then they fired more threats and my nerves had begun shaking, the whole family was upset and, and this important, the iPhone went dead. Completely dead. Then it would give a sign it is alive but the SIMM would be locked. The expensive machine was (and still is) totally useless.

A friend, lawyer and ex-diplomat who I helped come and settle in this country, told me it was all my fault and I better pay. Since his wife is a big shot with a multinational telephone services provider I was guided to begin believing that T-Mobile was acting like all those other providers, that I have overlooked something.

But, eventually, an engineer in agronomy took the case and in September 2009 pressed the Lindorff B.V. to prove their claim that I was wrong and that I have actually called from the iPhone incurring costs that they claimed they were a step away from collecting through a court order. Suddenly Lindorff B.V. said (over a telephone) that there was an investigation and that T-Mobile had found out that somebody (a criminal gang I assume) was incurring costs to unsuspecting, innocent T-Mobile subscribers and therefore, all the so far demands for payment became nill and void, I owed nothing to T-Mobile and should forget the matter.

The Lindorff B.V. obviously thought that such a stance closed the whole troubled affair. They thought that all their threats and the cut services, all that relentless pressure that lasted for full six months would be, could be so easily forgotten. The Lindorff B.V. guided me to a T-Mobile store in Amsterdamse Port where upon presentation of passport and those people unlocked the blocked SIM. I wanted the same old status of a fixed number subscriber but they were not authorized for such a move.

The T-Mobile CONTINUED, despite its own and formally admitted fault to treat me *with the old, fixed subscription number, as a punished, "prepaid" customer, which is completely illogical. Namely, this iPhone does not come for free with a prepaid status. That is exactly the mess which T-Mobile created.

Thus, I made an ING bank transfer for €20 just to have the possibility to send SMS urgent messages, invitation to be called on that number and keep the machine alive. After only two SMS messages the €20 expired, were eaten up, no trace but the number of the bank transfer. I believe that the thieves who operate within the network of T-Mobile and who have stolen all that money before - are active again. I have the iPhone next to me and notice that somebody is contacting the number and trying to suck money out of it, occasionally a dozen times within couple of minutes.

At the T-Mobile shop in Amsterdamse Port I also bought another prepaid card at €20 for the old Nokia. That money was gone within a day without me calling anybody. I was robbed again. Imagine if there are one million T-Mobile subscriber and if thieves, or T-Mobile self, syphons from every singe one €20 a month? This would amount to a €120 million robbery, a criminal ring and the police should be involved.

This is a case for a very able lawyer who would like to make a big name and big money by bringing the mighty T-Mobile and Lindorff B.V. as their accomplices in what I think is a clear act of tried extortion. Unfortunately, even capable lawyers are unwilling to bring the mighty ones to the courts because of the attitude of the Dutch judges to keep the population in hopeless submissive stupor under the yoke of the financial and administrative might.

Nevertheless I am positive that one nice day, hopefully sooner than latter, that attitude of the Dutch populace will change.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Fine Project Cut by a Civil War


VISTOR SMIT, with the rector magnificus of the Belgrade Univewrsity
d-r prof. SLOBODAN UNKOVIC and my poor self IN A GALLANT EFFORT

Victor Smit, an extremely intelligent, superbly well mannered man (probably the best Dutch advertising copy writer for the past 20 years) stumbled upon me the other day while doing his groceries in a local super-market. It was a great surprise for I haven't seen him in ages. After "Come for a drink, I have some vintage bordeaux, same place, same phone" we promised to get together and call each other to fix the date. He did not call, neither did I.
My excuse was this piece: I wanted to publish the story about our last project he worked (and financed) his ass on. It is so well conceived, to beautifully wrapped and (seemingly) so easy to set it going that I simply have to present it. This post, in reality, is an invitation to the world's advertising community for a case study.

The Auto-newspaper Yugoslavia (Autokrant Joegoslavie) was conceived as a carrier, the messenger for the Registration Plate Project. The vast majority of the 490,000 Dutch tourists traveling to Yugoslavia for their summer holidays used inexpensive package (mainly airplane but also a lot of bus) arrangements. With d-r ph-d Slobodan Unkovic, rector of the Belgrade University with a chair in tourism and a great friend) we have discussed, together with Victor Smit, what could we, Yugoslavia, do in the Netherlands to entice the rich individual traveller ignite the BMW, the Audi or the Mercedes and drive along the Adriatic coast. We were to offer them free (overnights only) accommodation in top class hotels in specific resorts throughout Yugoslavia.

(Above, from left: d-r prof. Slobodan Unkovic, Marija Cvetkova-Popova, Victor Smit and my son in front of the YNTO head office in Amsterdam on Jan Luykenstraat, opposite the Rijksmuseum)
The penny pinching Dutch, like most of us, like nice things gratis, free, costeloss.
So, how does one explain to 5,000,000 Dutch car-owners that IF their car has a a registration plate containing the letters ZG and if it an Audi - the owner and the family will have THREE NIGHTS gratis in a superb 5-star InterContinental in the capital of Croatia? THe Yugoslavia Newspaper was to be the vehicle that would explain how does the registration plate of a Dutch car automatically allows its owners a free 3-nites stay in places like Split (the Diocletian palace, great events) or Belgrade and so forth. The Dutch buy about 450,000 brand new cars annually. They ride them to France, Germany, occsianally to Austria and Spain, but rarely to Yugoslavia or Greece.

The connection between Dutch and Yugoslav registration plates is in a way marginal. The Dutch had two letters dash two ciphers dash two letters on a registration plate. The Yugoslav plate consisted of two letters two ciphers dash three ciphers.
With the Dutch letters were allocated irrelevant of the domicile borough of the owner of the car.In Yugoslavia the letters denounced many different towns, villages and cities within a borough territory carried the same first two letters.

The point is that the hoteliers around Yugoslavia wanted to give to a family arriving in a Mercedes SL three overnights for free expecting that with their other consumption they'll easily make up for that while at the same time pushing up the prestige of the hotel. The hoteliers were interested to see that they were to be for sure advertised for free in the Netherlands while it was not certain that any of the Audi or Mercedes owners would actually show up for a free overnight.

The Yugoslav National Tourist Office, YNTO, in Amsterdam (with an advertising budget of about 2,2 million gulden or €1 m.) would be heavily supporting a project aimed at uplifting the customer base while enticing the 5 million car-owners in the Netherlands learn more about holidaying opportunities in the foreign currency starving country.

Some of the dealers of foreign up market models showed immediate interess in having exclusive rights on the promotion and the whole campaign because they had seen it as a chance to be associated with a friendly country and one of the top 5 tourist destinations in Europe. They have seen it as instantaneous possibility to push up the value of their cars with specific registration plates.

The project, therefore, was a topper, in theory, from it very conception. It was designed to be a piece of cake for execution: the production (copy, layout and printing of some 150,000 copies) of the main vehicle of the project, the Auto-newspaper Yugoslavia, was relatively inexpensive. The only problem would be the response and the legal validity of the contracts with the individual hotels for free accommodation. But then, the YNTO was to jump in and push the project.

Advic B.V. the advertising firm of my dear friend Victor Smit, would be the sole owner of the project and would charge, modestly, all participating parties in it. We have begun work. Hundreds of special A3 cardboard envelopes were bought, postage, mock-up copies of the Auto-newspaper Yugoslavia inn full color printed and sent out out to hoteliers and borough councils, local tourist associations and so forth.

And then came the storm over Yugoslavia.
Not only regions cities against cities rose up, atrocities, shelling of resorts.
An awful, beastly civil war had begun raging across one of the most idilic parts of Europe.
That was it.
Now I keep the memory of this project and one mock-up copy of the newspaper that was to transform the Yugoslav tourist presence on the Dutch market.
And the lingering warmth of the enthusiastic support extended by Victor Smit for this project.
That is the the force of destiny.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is supposed to develop into something like a review of characters cum proposal for a different game or companionship with some ideas acceptable for people with creativity and similar hobbies.
At this moment all I want is use the great pictorial facility of Blogspot.
The actual text about the authors of these farms, what do I see in Farmville and how do I judge the people who play it - will be here in the days that come.
Thus, if interested, return. Will be fun.

I am talking about
Vesna Lompar
Tim Carey
Lav MGM and
Goran Bojkovski
actually how did they inspire this project of a post.
Take this only as a trailer.

The top ranked of the farms among my 200+ friends is the one in constant transformation and upgrade by its mistress my old time friend Vesna Lompar, a graduate in italian language and literatura (used to recite Dante by heart) and latter journalist with Radio Belgrade. She has been all over the world, I met her in Amsterdam ages ago where she lived and worked with her late husband whatever seemed attractive and we were often partners in travels (Austria, Florida, Jordan, Cyprus) until she decided to return her Dutch passport and settle in elegant comfort in the heart of Belgrade.

Have a look how does Vesna imagine her farm.

Vesna has a large collection of very highly ranked Serbian painters, loves to travel and spoke to me the other day how she succeeded bringing a salaried "housmaister" in the building thus transforming the derelict pile of flats into a clean, very safe (cameras, domophones and so forth) structure.

On the other hand Tim Carey is Englishman. Somebody told me: "Of course, it shows". There is this class-division visible, the high ground for the master and the low lands for the working peasantry! This is not true because I know the guy and he is a hard working European, I think, marketing manager of British American Tobacco company in Amstelveen. We do enjoy Remy Martin and he simply happens to have a spare uncorked bottle now and again, thus demonstrating style and funds, but he is a homey person. His farm has nothing to do with the structures of Lav and Goran.
There I want to make a point.

What Tim would not disclose is how he succeeded elevating the ground and trnfrt quite a persuasive 3-D feel to a virtually 2-D environment. Anyway, here is his comment placed elsewhere about this post:

Interesting idea... Was thinking last night on why the farm looks like it does...
You will have to excuse the crops that appeared (the intention was to have a farm with no crops (ie purely a county retreat)... I needed to generate extra funds to theme for Christmas which messed things up a bit... the hovel over to the right was storing my decorations.
My mathemtical mind was interested in the way you could make 3d effects with 2 dimensional building objects... hence the raised area (which due to the graphics had to be in the top corner).
I then wanted to balance this rigid structure with random trees planted throughout (with the side benefit of hiding those areas of the 3d structure that aren't possible to create using the tools available).
Where the class / English element definitly kicked in was the house... When I first picked this frustrating application I (and a number of friends) set ourselves the goal of getting the mansion... Within Farmville there is no real end to the game and the mansion seemed like a reasonable chequered flag.
With all this in mind - I wonder if it changes perception of the character as demonstrated by the farm? I set myself a clear goal, wanted a clear (and innovative) structure but still wanted an artistic feel to the final design.
Would be intersted to see where this blog goes.... The idea of using characterisation within games sounds interesting...
And finally... ;-) Great Blog !!!

(I am blushing all over)

Now, thew farm of Lav MGM is something different. It has a villa, it has a hell of a lot of items, it is same size, but, well, there is this atmosphere of a Balkan well-off, nouveau riche owner managing it. See how many domestic animals are all over the place and just compare it with Tim's farm where there is not a single hen or pig or even horse.

They may be neighbors all right but they come from two obviously different backgrounds and different cultures. The may both be quite amiable people but their differences will not help them striking lasting friendship: they think and behave differently.

I thought of proposing to those wizards of the Farmville to allow areal views of quadruple farms, actually five would be ideal, that one owner could have a view of the properties of his or hers immediate four neighbors.

But then, they, those software wizards and the money managers behind them, could also enlarge the game towards building the environment consciousness. Like compost production, like wind energy (imagine the lamps are lighted at night time, if it is not too expensive) and the farms stay dark (relatively) during the night (of the central server) but not so if you have your own windmill electric plant.

Sorry, I am being carried away...

Finally, the farm of Goran Bojkovski. My pre-predecessor as a boss of the YNTO (Yugoslav National Tourist Office) for the Netherlands was Petar Bojkovski, a good friend, passed some years ago out of consternation I would say. Goran here would not respond whether he is anyhow relted to that Bojkovski, an ethnic Slovak from Banja Luka who soke some Macedonian because he served his military obligation in Skopje. Anyway.

In a moment I will come back to add some comment over Goran's farm.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Macedonian desert

While cleaning the heaps of rubbish among my mountains of old clippings I have stumbled upon two items I have treasured ten years ago. Those are the first and the second in series of issued by the US Postal Service and represent the wildlife, plants and animals, of the Sonoran desert and the Pacific coast rain forest.

The prints are a small technological wizardry. Each of those is 23x17 cm and contains 10 stamps at 33 US cents each. One needs to be careful when unplucking each stamp from the adhesive surface to place it on an envelope. So the letter will go with only a sticker of unrecognizable form, totally different from the appearance of a postal stamp. There is nothing on it but

which, I think, was a result of a compromise not to ruin the general composition of that print of 10 post stamps. (The white frame out there is placed by myself, to indicate how this surface is divided.) I doubt that people would be willing to ruin such a souvenir (it cost a fraction of $3,30) simply to stic 33 cents postage on a postcard. Thus, this is ready cash, it is like the US Postal Service printing money.

On the back side of the print there is a message and a detailed explanation of the items on the front. One can learn. A very effective way of educating and of helping the people grasp the diversity of America and, eventually, like their country better and wish to travel to those places.


Well, nothing and everything. The Macedonian postal service (Македонски Пошти) is practically a state owned firm. Their directors roam the world. But they have not ever risen to the level of understanding how much they could do, in the segment of philately, for example, for its country, its people and themselves.

They simply remain hopelessly provincial and do nothing to rid the Macedonian philately from the trash of corrupt practices suffocating it.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The recipes from the ancient imperial court of Macedonia:
the delicacies of the table of Alexander the Great

Even in hindsight and from a safe emotional distance "The Exotic Cuisines of the World" has been one of the finest,very well prepared and decently supported projects that I have brought to the market. Based on food and drink. the everyday staples of the humankind winged by the enormous political drive and resolution of former Yugoslavia to "export or die" the project had everything needed not only to attract the investor and the consumer alike but to impress them with its transparent, tightly woven legal, creative and commercial structure.

In short, it was bound to be a huge success.

The basis of the project was the export of Macedonan wines to the United States.

At that time Henry Kissinger and Lawrence Eagleburger were pushing very hard every imaginable Yugoslav product to the American market. I know that among the other reasons for their involvement even in day-to-day corporate businesses was a view that without significant exports Yugoslavia could not pay for the military procurement from the United States. Keeping the Yugoslav war machine as dependent on US deliveries as possible was one of the reasons they have embarked the ill-conceived and heavily promoted project of "Yu-go America". It was a flop, of course. But cars made in a Serbia (long ago abandoned "Yugo-Florida") for the American standard is one thing and wine for the taste of millions of expatriates quite another.

Thus, since the disastrous mistakes of the Eagleburger's strategy were already a hard factual lesson it was easy to fathom that there must be a different approach in selling Macedonian wine around California and Nappa Valey. Now the late Robert Mondavi had entertained me, as favour to the State Department, in his mansion and explained very many aspects of the wine industry, his ambitions, the tastes and the whims of the American wine consumer. He knew of the wines from that part of Europe but discarded them as "ethnic" product.

That specific remark was the core of the approach in the promotion of this project.

It had to be shaped in a most presentable form for the Americans of Slavic ancestry. Its content and packaging should make them proud to consume it, to extend it as a gift to their friends, associates, neighbors and relatives. Therefore, the package, a bundle, needed to relay not only on the wine but to the food it is to be consumed with and the mere idea of the promoted food recipes had to be as far removed from the ordinary staple as possible. It had to be associated not with the beans soup or feta cheese but with the food served on the court of Alexander the Great, for example,

That sounded exotic and attractive enough.

The numbers were impressive. There are 2,3 million Americans of generally Balkan ancestry who give at least six million presents annually. A package of three bottles of wine (red, white and rose) with a video-cassette (it was 1987) full of step-by-step preparation recipes interspersed with emotional folklore and vistas topped with a game, three free nights in a resort on the majestic Adriatic.

A film star like Robert Redford would guide through the content of the video and Safeway would be distributing the package.

So, how does one wrap up such a complex project?

To start with most of the wineries in Macedonia used the cardboard gift-box of three 0,7 l. bottles of wine.

The next thing was the video content. I turned to film director Stole Popov, a friend, no relative, and persuaded him to come to the district court and sign a contract that he will produce six films featuring master-chefs from various countries, some folklore, vistas and so forth. The man is an Academy Award nominee in a documentary category and I have promoted his superb film "Happy New '49" as a Yugoslav entry for best foreign language film, an affair that made us friends.

With that contract in hand I went to another friend, now late Gavril Gavrilski, the CEO of Makpetrol or Exxon of Macedonia. He signed a document for Makpetrol to finance export of up to 10 million bottles of wine.

Then another businessman, Dancho Shuturkov, the COO of Makedonija Tabak, came in with a proposal that I accept cash from an investor and if within two months an American firm formalizes a contract about the Macedonian wines - then Makedonija Tabak will be willing to become a partner for the rest of the Exotic Cuisines of the World.

The cash from the investor was a paltry $ 1,500 or two months rent for a fine but unfurnished flat on Larabee Str in West Hollywood.

With that and double of my own money I dawned in Los Angeles with intention to settle there for some time. Only one of the few friends I had in the area and around the country knew about my arrival and he, Steve Pope, a guy desperately trying to make it in films, dully met me on the airport where a Hertz car for a long-term rental was awaiting.

Steve had picked a selection of derelict henhouses as accommodation befitting in his judgement an expatriate from the old country. the guy is rather colorful character with an Actors Guild membership card hand signed by Ronald Reagan. But he knew that he could never be an actor.
((Please click the map to enlarge))

Within a week I had rented under contract the garden-level apartment Nr. 209 at a very decent (garage with dedicated place, swimming pool, jacuzzi) address only a block downhill the tres chique section of Sunset Boulevard. The property there has a wide automatic, sliding iron door to the underground garage and airs a feel of a hacienda. The address on 950 North Larabee Str in West Hollywood, 90069 Ca. was not only respectable because of the neighborhood and all those fine tenants, mainly professionals and single, but because of the easy access to public transport and all the facilities, parks, hospitals, gig supermarkets and vfariety of bookstores, shops and restaurants.

The next day after moving in - I got a telephone 213-652.5597 with a wire extending right down to the pool. I cannot really remember whether there were no wireless machines or whether they were prohibitively expensive, which is illogical from our present feel of the market. The installation of the phone does not require any hassle because it is all done without people coming home and meddling with the line but it took me a day deciding what to phone, how long wire, a recording machine, that sort of stuff.

Since I had a credit card issued in Yugoslavia and cash and the phone number costed something nothing I decided that my own checkable telephone and address is more important for the bank, whichever I chose, than appearing with a request for an account as a stray dog, no checkable and documented fixed address and an open account phone number. So the big woman of Pacific Bell looked at the American Express credit card but opted for the cash.

By noon the next day i had 200 visit cards and decided to open an account with a branch of Bank of America where customers arriving by car could validate their tickets. A subtle message and a chance to drop a line like "Will you please validate this so that I can take this brand new Buick out". This does not seem much, but, then, it does not hurt anybody. I was left with impression that bankers like to know the basics of their clients and it helps to inquire whether they have correspondent banks in South-East Europe,that my funds will come via Stopanska Banka and while you appear to inquire you also supply information. Within an hour I have ordered personalized checks and deposited all my $4500 on it. Well, not exactly: I was left with some 2,500 DM and a handful of dinars which were left in cash.

My electricity and gas was supplied by contract with the Southern Ca. Edison Co. acc. nr. 55-42-616-1458-28 and then, with all these insignificant papers, diligent people issued me a Social Security # 563-95-7192 card (crucially important document for entering the labor market, a huge advantage over millions of people scrambling for work and residence papers. Nobody ever asked me for my coveted Californian ID.

So, within the first 10 days after my arrival, before doing anything else I was established as a perfectly legal alien residing in the USA. I am very proud of that achievement. Ten years before that not even the mighty Yugoslav federal government could influence the Greek smalltime bureaucrats to grant me a resident and working permit in Athens although I was officially elected and sent out there under UN ratified and obliging international agreements representing the Yugoslav National Tourist Office. What ambassadors and deputy foreign ministers could not do in six months with the Greeks I have singlehandedly done it in ten days in the City of Angels swarming with illegals from all corners of the planet.

The summer days in California begin at dawn with sweating the late nights out and go on for ever with almost every minute planned well in advance. My stomach churns when I see these "promoters" sent by the Macedonian government abroad and compare their exorbitantly costly (about $115,000 gross annually) incompetence and inefficiency with the simple daily output clocked by my poor self while in the US. Between six and seven in the afternoon I would have a 3-4 mile slow run along Cynthia, then Elevado, downhill Elm and then eastbound towards home by way of Carmelita till Oakhurst slowly up and dive in the pool. This strategy paid and within a week from every third or fourth porch a casual but good humored "hi there" would greet my appearance. Some of those faces Jackie SImons among others I soon begun meeting and exchanging pleasantries in the Safeway store.

In Hollywood one does not sell wine from Macedonia. One goes to Hollywood to buy film related services.

I have an Academy Award film director under contract to deliver me an almost edited 90 min. film within three months. I need 100,000 video cassettes of top quality. How long will it take you to deliver them, packed in sleeves and how much is the video cassete and how much the sleeve with wrapping? Here you are with my credentials and these are the people who know me in Hollywood..

So after a week, with all the documents safely in my pocket, I appear at Dan Tana's on Santa Monica Boulevard. The guy greets me, he does remember me very well from the time I threw a big lavish party (for the account of the Yugoslav Consul-general from San Frncisco) at his place. He asks what I am doing and I tell him I need two thing: one is a top-quality video-cassette producer for 100,000 copies of a special feature film and a link to Robert Redford's agent who I need for two appearances, 3 minutes introduction three minutes closing statement for a Yugoslav tourist-gastronomy item. We shall pay him with a Lipitzaner stud. Dan Tana begins asking because all this does not make much sense although he is sharp minded as a Wilkinson Sward.

-What is the film all about?

Then I see Richard Gere and with my best smile I say:

-Just to say "hi" to Richard,- and I go directly to poor Gere.



Radovan Karadzic Defies the Tribunal


Ви реков вчера да отвориме кладилница (мислам обложувалница) дали Радована Караџиќ ќе го спакуваат вржан како буџола (ди парма) па во судница со крпа во муцката или не. Сега го канат, бичим го молат, да се појави утре на судење. Он им вика дека милион страници обвинение не може да ги прочита, бара одлагање.

Ај сеа на бас: Јас велам дека ќе му продолжат време эа реплика на обвинителниот акт. Еве ситна фанта, по 5 евра.

Караџиќ прави шоу а мене умот кај Јохан Тарчуловски. Србите го криеја 13 години. Нашите Јохана со кебе преку глава эа 13 минути гитла у Шевенинген. Радован обвинет эа едно трилион мртви удира контри, авукатите негови такуѓере а нашине лиэно-маэно а он ни да бекне. Брат Љубе оди по венчавки го эабраи. Све чекам Дуковски да спичка драма, Љубиша да ја режира у Атеље 212 со опасен рап на Стихи.

WHAT AN IDIOT "This trial (of Radovan Karadzic) is important for the victims who will finally see justice being done,"said Serge Brammert, chief prosecutor of the ICTY z. What an idiot. The indictment (by Carla del Ponte) claims that most of those victims (14,000 in Sarajevo + 5,000 in Srebrenica) are dead. THEY cannot see or hear anything. Mислам дека энам што САКАЛ дудуков да каже. Ама не оди. Тешка глуперда


Светски доктори го гледале Војкана Шешељ и потпишале наод дека може да скине секој момент.
(Овај болесник, Шешељ) ima povisene vrednosti LDL holesterola ... i znacajan rizik za razvoj ateroskleroze i svih drugih kardiovaskularnih komplikacija. Prediktivna verovatnoca razvoja ”nepovoljnih kardiovaskularnih dogadjaja” (смрт) ... je oko 30 %.
Uzimajuci u obzir vrednosti pritiska koje su se kretale i preko 175/105 mmHg. ovaj bolesnik (Шешељ) ima i do osam puta veci rizik za kardiovaskularnu smrt.

Ај сеа де. Паметен е. Ги надмудри.
Како ли ке го дочека Србија ...


Argentine Chicken in the Heart of Aksaray, Istanbul

On October 21 2009 еден дамнешен, роден скопјанец, баш ефенди, ми беше домаќин на Аксарај во Истанбул. Си направивме таатли, ептен домаќински муабет. З
Значи ефенди беј Halim Ozturk, е дојден овде таму 1958 и се покажа дека ем направил мала семејна империја ем си останал еснафлија какви сега ретко се среќаваат каде и да одиш. Седевме под големите чадори на ресторанот Arjantin Pilic (”Аргентинско пиле”) и со јени раки и една маса иэгара специјалитети, го меэевме Скопје и пријателите од едно дамна минато време...
Неэаборавно гостопримство ...

Ме поткани пред некој час едно девојче од Кавадарци да кренам фотки што деновиве ги правам ниэ Стамбол. Кај неа врнело како од кабел а овде сончевина како растопено элато. Ај добро. Ама дали легендите под фотките да ги стокмам эа локална или эа светска консумација. И, реков, ај эа глобална употреба. Франгле. И така. Не се гневите эаради ова. Мојот англиски и беэ тоа е эа смеење.
Veronika Kostadinova
многу убави слики
фала Деди

My Friend Bunyamin Atik, composer, industrialist & charmer

Се пакувам полека за нов лет кон Босфор и слушам некоја фина музика што ми ја препорача Bunyamin Atik, еден шармантен индустријалец, поет, композитор, бонвиван, а згора на тоа инвеститор во Македонија, ене го со Груевски потпишува договор. Летово ни направи една олта по Босфор со неговата јахта,...

Ќе заборавев за малку.
Here is one of the composed songs by our friend Benyamin Atik.
А и пее и свири покрај тоа што компонира и прави (големи) пари.
He also sings and plays instruments, sails, drives a huge Harley and runs around Istanbul as a youngster.

Е баш ова ни го своиреше, пратејки се сам на едно гитарле, тоа индустријалецот кој ни ја остави јахтата нам на кормиларење а самиот: музика и ритам.
Чудо човек, Трпе, чудо ...
You may like to hear this on a YouTube clip. Here is your link.


RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN, prime-minister of Turkey:
(is a hell of) a


Ќе паднев у бесвес' кога ме проэваа да се испентарам на бината во сала со некои 1000 гости а таму ме чека премиерот на Турција Реџеп Тајуп Ердоган со една голема кутија и во неа толкаа плакета на која иэдлапчиле дека сум ”Бележит Сениорен Граѓанин на Светот” или со други эборови ”Старец эа мерак”.
Од кај нас такво приэнание доби и колегата ИЛХАМИ ЕМИН, ене го на другите фотки до мене.
Абе што да ви раскажувам, ептен екстра кобасица сум од сеа натаки ...

Predrag Terzioski
Kakov senior be Dedi, ne te davame pa ti si u cvetu mladosti.
Cestito za plaketata,ali sega za sega, zamrzni go clenstvoto.
Ismek,ismek arakdisim , rahat zaman yok.
Zvane Drnkovski
Ti lici
Boris Georgievski
skraja da e! ne te mislam jas za star, ova senior citizens sto go napisale Turcive, vsusnost znaci "iskusni" :)))
pozdrav od Keln
Aneta Sekulovska
Bravo, bravo, bravo....
Dedi. Cestitki od Sekulovski. Kolku ke bideme sega gordi i vazni sto go poznavame Graganinot na svetot
Sanja Radjenovic Jovanovic
bravo, a kako se najde u konkurencija tamo?
bas si srce, ko son koneri si sto stariji to lepsi. ama ima i eden vic ke ti go pratam na message da ne go citaat site.


A sketch for a skeleton of a CV

Grozdan Koco Popov are my given, father's and family names.


11.08.1939 in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia


Donau 42, 1186KM Amstelveen, The Netherlands




cell phone:



twofold, both Netherlandse passport and Macedonian passport

Marital status:

Married since 1963 to Mrs. Marija Cvetkova-Popova, lawyer;

Son Mr. Igor Popov, born 1963 and daughter Mrs. Irina Popova, born 1967


Mother tong Macedonian; English written and spoken; French, Dutch and Greek, reading and communicating; Bulgarian and Serbo-Croat for fluent communication;


ABN-Amro, ING and Stopanska banka;



Graduated with a final exam the elementary and intermediary school "Goce Delcev" in Scopje


Graduated with a final exam the higher education at the Gymnasium "Josip Broz Tito" in Skopje;


After six semesters discontinued studies at the Faculty of Economy, University of Skopje

Enrolled as a part time student with the Faculty of Philosophy begun studies of English language and Literature

with History of Arts as minor subject;


Received a British Council scholarship and attended three semesters of studies in phonetics and literature at the University College, London University;

Between November 1963 and April 1964 writes as a ±special correspondent± for the newly established "Vecer" daily in Skopje; attends the Shakespeare seminar, shows and festivities in Stratford-on-Avon;


Between September 1966 and and August 1967 completes the the obligatory military service with the JNA (Yugoslav People's Army) as a conscript in the auxiliary communications battalion of the Yugoslav Air Force in a rank of private radio-telegraphist regiment of major Bakic;
Completes the text of a guide-book on Greece commissioned and payed by NIP "Nova Makedonija" but due to the military coup in Athens the book is not published;


Graduated from the University "Kiril & Metodij" in Skopje with a major in English language and literature and a minor in History of Arts;


Enrolled post-graduate studies with the Institute of politicology of the University "Kiril & Metodij" embarking a course on Ideology and the media



Launched the first independent, privately financed publication in Macedonia, a youth monthly magazine "Tribina" which after half a year was discontinued by the authorities


Employed in "Nova Makedonija" daily as a city-desk reporter;


Correspondent from London, Great Britain for the first evening daily newspaper "Vecer" November 1963 June 1964;


City-desk editor of the daily "Vecer";


Arts and culture editor of daily "Vecer";


Deputy editor-in-chief of "Journal" the " first colour weekly magazine in Macedonia

Feature and comics editor of daily "Vecer"


Upon request from OZEHA (the largest Yugoslav advertising agency) designed and executed (in unison with the Macedonian state radio) a campaign for their prime customer, chocolate and conditionery factory "Evropa" in Skopje. It was the first ever betting game tied to a consumption of a chocolate. One million dinars were offered every week and an avalanche of reactions killed the campaign but the chocolate, known as "medallion" (it was in a form of a golden coin) was launched.
The coupons promoted Istanbul Hilton hotel and other clients. The game implied influence on the editorial policy of "3 gongs" Rather complex for execution game but huge success.

From left, the commercial director of Evropa, Mr. J. Panchevski, the editor and anchor of "3 Gonga" Gjoko Georgiev, the presidfent of the workers' council of "Evropa", the director of OZEHA Kocho Dinev control the regularity of the first drawing of the One Million Dinars prize!


Special rowing correspondent covering the devastating earthquake in Chimbote, Peru that took more than 45,000 lives;

Journalism does not only need a reporter capable of writing accurate and persuasive stories. This trip was made possible by the willingness of the then BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation, now BA, British Airways) to listen to arguments about the benefits of being promoted through a small-time provincial newspaper. Please see "The BOAC to Peru project"

Covered the UK general elections and the emergence of Edward Heath as prime-minister;

Also reported from New York, about Security Council sessions in the United Nations;


Elected Secretary-general of the Union of Journalists of Macedonia (Zdruzenie na Novinarite na Makednija, ZNM)

contributing greatly in the establishment of the Inter-disciplinary studies of journalism at the "Kiril and Metodij" University in Skopje, developed a network of international connections of the ZNM,

Organized the first ever medical check-up of all journalists in Macedonia;


With 24 distinguished editors from around the world was a VIP guest of the Federal Republic of Germany on the occasion of the XX Olympic games in Munich, met with Willy Brandt, wrote and published extensively about the social, economic and other aspects of the Olympic games for Germany;

Organized and lead the first Macedonian basketball team tour across Canada;

Appointed deputy editor-in-chief of "Vecer" daily newspaper;

Special foreign correspondent assignment in Egypt, Cad, Zaire and Guinea;


VIP guest of the US Department of State and the US Information Agency on the distinguished European Economic Journalists' Tour meeting during a 4-week long cost-to-coast sojourn for in-depth interviews with various secretaries George Schultz, Kats, of the US Government departments, the Pentagon, Mayor Daley and Milton Friedman in Chicago, John Marriott Sr.;

Launched the first tourism-only weekly colour magazine "WEEKEND" published it as a supplement to daily "Vecer";


Upon Communist Party orders. submitted to prolonged investigations for ideological deviation and relieved of the duty of deputy editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper "Vecer" as "liberal";

While everybody is dead-pan serious, I explain (to the strongman Dragoljub Stavrev, far right, mayor or Skopje, prime-minister, federal minister and president of the presidency of Macedonia among other positions) the editorial policy and why we have transformed the "party directive" into a highly readable copy: printed on treble thew usual number of pages "Vecer" sold out in two hours. My friend and editor Milco Kocev, next to Stavrev, was also relieved of his duties.

Appointed editor of "Pocinka", the tourism and weekend colour supplement to "Nova Makedonija daily;

Appointed city-desk editor of the "Nova Makedonija" daily newspaper;

Special correspondent for "Nova Makedonija" during the final weeks of president Richard Nixon's Administration and the transitional period;


Relieved of all editorial duties and appointed Senior correspondent on finance and banking;

Guest of the Australian Government and Quantas Airlines on a study trip on ethnical minorities, their integration in the society and role in developing trade and economic relations with expatriate countries;

Re-Elected for a new 4-year term as Secretary-general of the Union of Journalists of Macedonia;


Special assignment correspondent from Jerusalem.on the late president Anvar El Sadat's peace mission to Israel.

Subsequently covered the month-long peace talks in Cairo, and president Jimmy Carter's peace initiative and Menahem Begin's visit to Egypt;


Represented the Union of Journalists of Yugoslavia at the UNESCO sponsored initiative session of the Club of the CESC (Helsinki) journalists in Paris;

Organized the first session of the Club of the CESC journalists in Ohrid and Skopje, Macedonia sponsored by Blagoj Popov, the prime-minister of Macedonia;

It was a feat bringing all these KEBS (OBSE) specialized journalists, headed by Henry Schwoebel from Le Monde, fifth from right, into the southernmost corner of Macedonia to establish a Club with an ambition to promote a New Information Order for the world.

Established the basis for the Club of Journalists in Skopje crowned by acquisition through a Government grant of property as a possession of the premises инownership of the ZNM;

Was a joint manager of the Conference on the New linformation Order, organized by the Union of the Journalists of Yugoslavia in Belgrade;

Initiated the Union of Journalists of Macedonia drive to establish interdisciplinary studies in journalism at the University of "Kiril & Metodij" in Skopje, formalising the arrangement successfully.

Guest of the Swedish royal house on occasion of their majesties official visit to Yugoslavia. Extensive reporting from Sweden on economic and political topics crowned by a special interview with the King and the Queen;

Upon their majesties' invitation, over a high tea at their palace, an introductory of the record briefing before their official visit to Yugoslavia and then an interview in Ohrid after a memorable dinner and dancing shared by both King and Queen who carried home my personal gift: a book of Macedonian embroidery


Resigned from "Nova Makedonija" upon appointment to the position of director of the Yugoslav National Tourist Office for Greece and Cyprus. Remained in Athens for the full four-year term of the tenure;

With d-r Milan Mazi, deputy minister for economy of SFRY, represented Yugoslavia in the bilateral negotiations for tourist cooperation signed in Athens


Returned to "Nova Makedonija" daily as a foreign affairs senior editor writing on NATO and OECD countries.


Guest, for the second time, of the US State Department on the occasion of the Presidential Election; a guest speaker to the Secretary's Forum during 5 weeks study trip;


Guest of Information Office of Her Majesty's Government at an invitation by the British ambassador. Intensive study-trip on the question of ethnic and cultural diversity in UK and in particular Wales, Ireland and Scotland.


Engaged by WDR (West Deutsche Rundfunk) as their special correspondent for Macedonia;


Guest of the Ministry of culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, a 5-weeks long educational and fact gathering study-trip for the updated edition of a guide-book on Turkey;


Appointed Promotion & PR manager for the official Yugoslav entry ("Happy New '49" a Stole Popov f1lm) in the Best Foreign Film category for the Academy of Motion Pictures (Oscar) Award in Hollywood, USA; Despite all odds organized hugely successful previews, discussions (Elia Kazan, George Milkovich) and shows in New York, The Kennedy Watergate Center in Washington, Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Resigned from "Nova Makedonija" daily newspaper because of ideological differences;

Worked part-time with outdoor . advertising equipment producer in Los Angeles;


Elected Secretary-general of the National Tourist Office of Macedonia;


Elected representative of the Yugoslav National Tourist Office for the Netherlands, appointed director of the office in Amsterdam with a four-year tenure; Yugoslav National Tourist Office dissolves in 1991;


Correspondent for the Macedonian Television, "Republika" daily, Macedonian Radio, and a stringer for the WDR and the BBC, "Zbor"

Appointed member of the Publishing Board of the "Macedonian Newsmagazine", the first English language media in Macedonia;

1992 to 2002

Running in the rat race

2003 to present

A bit of this and that



Translated the novel "To Kill The Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, from its original into Macedonian. Publisbed by "Makedonska Kniga" Publishing House;


Translated the "Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris for ZID publishing house which could not publish it on grounds of "immorality";


Received a commission to write a guide book on Greece. The paid text and the project frozen because of the military coup in Greece;


Published, independently, a guidebook titled "Everybody's Turkey", in Serbo-Croat;


Translated the novel "Rabbit Run" by John Updike for the United Publishers "ZID" which published it for the first time in Yugoslavia receiving laudatory reviews


FC "Vardar" qualifies for the UEFA Cup and upon the request of the Mayor of Skopje and the leadership of the club represents the most popular soccer club of Macedonia first at the draw of the pairs and then, as the guest of the club, at the official contacts with FC Dundee in Scotland. For the return leg in Skopje conceptualizes, produces and finances the first ever "official program" for any sporting event in Macedonia. Please click here if interested in the full racount of this project;

Practically every single project I have created is a story of co-operation, expert work and complex arrangements seemingly easy to set in motion. There were less than 12 hundred people in the packed stadium of some 30,000 fans ready to shed a dollar for this souvenir edition


Once elected secretary-general, revitalizes the Macedonian National Tourist Office (Turisticki Sojuz na Makedonija) by tireless work over its organizational structure, principal documents, program, delegating people from provincial offices to travel to federal level meetings, mobilizing funds, moving the presidency to action-designed conferences out of the capital, bringing federal and commercial funds into the emptied account, publishing and supporting audacious initiatives;

The project "Summer in Macedonia" results with a small info-booklet of 42 pages designed solely for distribution abroad although it was a vehicle for collecting funds from 36 advertisers. In the left bottom corner, on Lake Prespa, two close allies, Mr. Avramchev and Mr. Zarichin, members of the Presidency of TSM and bosses of the richest regional offices and Click here please if interested in this far-reaching project.


Creates and designs a publicity campaign "Macedonia in a Search of a Young Rembrandt" targeted at 450,000 Dutch tourists visiting Yugoslavia every year;


Creates and executes in Zagreb, Croatia, a week-long enthusiastically received presentation titled "The Herbal Holidays in Macedonia" (*) in musea and top locations of the Croat capital;
The presidency of the YNTO elects and appoints me its representative (director) of the Office for the Netherlands with a seat in Amsterdam.

In co-operation with Victor Smit from Advic B.V. and Vincent Prange conceptualizes and executes complex most successful publicity campaigns. The number of arrivals, overnights and expenditure by Dutch tourists in Yugoslavia reaches all time high, record levels;
With d-r prof. Slobodan Unkovic, recor magnificus of the University of Belgrade, after a series of interviews in the Netherlands, co-authors a remarkable study about the specifics and potentials of the Dutch tourist market,

From top left: The office opposite the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is refurbished in style; d-r prof. Slobodan Unkovic, then rector of Belgrade University, latter president of the Parliament, ambassador to China, with Mrs Cvetkova-Popova and Victor Smit, probably the best advertising copy writer in the Netherlands; Presentations on Vakantiebeurs are full of events, craftsmanship presentations and maximum innovation; The Dutch are equestrian nation> for the first and last time ever I bring 20 famous lipitsaner horses from Lipica stud farm for the Jumping Amsterdam event attended by the crown prince; A special (please see the explanation) ad in the largest Dutch daily attracts maksimum attention. Overnights by Dutch tourist hit highest point ever.


With Victor Smit who runs a fine advertising enterprise ADVIC b.v. works on a complex project envolving importers of renown carmakers, Dutch automobile association ANWB, yugoslav hoteliers and local authorities to produce in one million copies the pilot of the Yugoslav Automobile Newspaper (Autokrant Jopegoslavie) as a multifaceted vehicle for Yugoslav tourist promotion. This beautiful project is torpedoed by the looming atrocious wars on the Balkans.

The project is based on the huge number of Dutch tourists traveling for holidays by car, on the 450,00 new vars purchased annually and on the link between the lettering of the Dutch and the registration plates of the (former) Yugoslav cities, towns and boroughs. The two letters "ST" mean nothing for the Duch car owner or driver but in the republics of former Yugoslavia "ST" mean that that particular car (eventually a BMW or Jaguar) comes from Split, the city of Emperor Dioclecian. Such a link in this project implied €1500 cash value. Please see how!


With d-r prof. Zlatka Popovska creates, designs and prints in Amsterdam, as a personal donation, 25,000 posters for the election campaign of the late Kiro Popovski who becomes vice-president of the parliament;


Establishes Balkan-Babylon Consulting, a family partnership firm (Dutch V.O.F. or Venotschaap onder Firma) registered with the Kamers vaan Koophandel of Amsterdam, specializing in tourism, marketing, PR, investment, advertising and publishing. The Macedonian government is the first client and in cooperation with Mr. Victor Smit from Advic B.V. it produces the first tourist maps and folders for the Dutch market and despite protests by the Greek embassy designs and executes a most successful pavilion presentation during the Vakantiebeurs Utrecht in January 1993

There are people who believe that lots of billboards with a family on a sandy beach and a tiny "from" followed by a huge " €285 a week all inclusive" is enough for success. They insult the acumen of the customer. This is a different complex multifunctional project I designed and executed firmly believing in it. Please do have a look at the Aristotelian wijnplank project..


Contracted through Balkan-Babylon Consulting to conceptualize and execute for the Ministry of economy of Macedonia the presentation of the tourist industry of that country at the ITB Berlin, the largest and most important tourist business-to-business event in the world

Philips Nederlandse Bedrijven N.V. becomes another customer and contracts Balkan-Babylon for its investment projects (reconstruction of the airports and PTT equipment) in Macedonia

In a capacity of Advisor for Philips on a basis of a Letter of Intent by the Macedonian Government organized a work visit for five directors of the electronics giant to Macedonia with business talks between Philips team and the prime-minister, CEOs of the largest firms, mayors, rectors and the Civil Aviation authority.

Philips directors and myself disappointed by blatant corruption. Huge complex project goes down the drain.


With Zito-Luks A.D. from Skopje, the largest bakery producer in Macedonia, registers a joint-venture firm "Rovako" D.O.O. on 50:50 basis (a terrible mistake) specializing in wholesales for catering industry with an exclusive retail showroom DOM for English fine bone china.

Royal Worcester Ltd grants Balkan-Babylon a status of sole dealership for Macedonia.

Arranges a Representative status with Josiah Wedgwood & Sons. Ltd

Royal Porcelaine Limoges, Churchill China Plc. from Stoke-on-Trent, Dunoon , Wren, Royal Mosa become exclusive suppliers.


The business developed and then William Turner Master Cutlers from Sheffield, Sola Zeist cutlery, Mayflower Glass Co.Ltd., the renown Royal Talens B.V., Hallmark, Wavin Trepack, R.D. de Jong Papier, produced for us under our design packaging in plastic and paper.


Balkan-Babylon was exclusive exporter (in our special packaging) of dry yeast for the Macedonian consumer market from Gist Brocades. the world leader in yeast and bakery additives production,

On the basis of oral, telex and phone enticements the project "SUPER KVASEC" ("Super yeast") was conceptualized and designed in-house from scratch. 250,000 sachets of 8 gr. yeast were produced and delivered with 55,000 booklets and sleeves. Please read the full account about this amazing, costly and if you ever intend to deal with Macedonian firms - dramatically revealing project.

We have designed and through Studio America executed special forms of light-truck advertising for the DAF delivery vehicles we have exported to Macedonia.


Due to one of the few gross errors of judgment of characters combined with total lack of due intelligence Balkan-Babylon accepts to become the General Agent for the Benelux of MAT, now the defunct Macedonian Airlines. The significant investment of funds, prestige and the revival of Macedonia as a tourist destination is gambled away by the gargantuan duplicity and total incompetence of the owner-managerial group of MAT; Please see "The Bitter Experience of Dealing with the Macedonian Airlines"

For the Dutch market Balkan-Babylon publishes and distributes (1000 copies circulation per issue) 8-page bulletins in English and in Macedonian languages separately, about the significance and other practical information related to the Skopje-Amsterdam direct flight;


Registers domains for web-portals,,, (fully operational), (fully operational)


Begins blogging with the Dutch "De Volkskrant" facility as Spectator (Harvesting Dutch Absurds)


Published the illustrated traveler's companion "Turcija". Lavishly reviewed by Mr. Guner Ismail, former minister of culture of Macedonia and Blagoja Ivanov, renown author and retired University professor, the book is introduced by HE Melpomeni Korneti, ambassador of Macedonia in Ankara.

The 400+ pages heavily illustrated book is instant success and second enlarged edition follows same year.


Guest of the Government of the Turkish Northern Cyprus Republic on occasion of the independence jubilee with the prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayup Erdogan attending.


From prime-minister Recep Tayup Erdogan receives in Istanbul "Distinguished Senior Citizens of the World" award