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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Is there a Dutch way to blatant corruption?

This summer I have allowed a perfect stranger dig into my precious eyes, one after another. With a pair of pincers he took out first the left lens (the black of my eye, my window to the beautiful world and faces around) and after few weeks the right one. He implanted artificial ones. So that I can see better than the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and have my driving license extended (I am just over 70) these two STAAR surgeries were a necessity.

Dr Floris Hageman, a very able and highly recommendable eye-surgeon with the OPSIS center in Amstelveen worked miracles and we parted with him stating that he warrants I will have no problem getting an extension of the driving license because I could now drive without glasses at all. But then came the surprise.

The medicaLadvisor of the Dutch CBR (an acronym for Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen) sent me letter demanding that I provide a document from an ophtalmologist that my eye-sight is OK. Tthis is what I wrote back:

Geachte d-r Nguyen,

You have decided to send me a “verwijzing naar een oogarts” because, it appears, you did not trust the report from my huisarts d-r H.L. Kieviet.
That decision of yours is symptomatic. Doctor Kieviet told me that he was reporting that I had two STAAR operations on both eyes this ummer in OPSIS oogartsenpraktijk.
For your information I was operated by Drs. Floris Hageman who specialized as oogarts in the VU Medisch Centrum. Zijn bijzondere aandachtsgebieden zijn hoornvliesproblematiek en de chirurgische behandeling van staar. Drs. Hageman is lid van het Nederlands Oogheelkundig Gezelschap, lid van de European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, lid van de Nederlandse Intraoculaire Implant Club en Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology.
If you are an ophthalmologist and an eye-surgeon you might well know d-r Floris Hageman.

I am puzzled why do you want me to pay other €80 (you needn't care that I am a so called "minima" on uitkering by the Rijk) for a new check of my eyes when I received one document on 8 September from the OPSIS of which you have a photocopy included. In my opinion you have not read well the documents sent to you 30 days ago. I have asked the director of the CBR for a speedy processing and explained why.

I think you have done your job poorly or with caprice because you have refused to trust d-r Kiewiet's recommendation last year and after a simple check up in OPSIS which was WITHOUT any surgery, you extended the license for a year incurring only costs but not doing a thing for the safety on the Dutch roads and highways. I doubt that you understand what I am telling you. I demand a five year extension of my driving license right now.

Since I feel myself mistreated by your whimsical decisions do rest assured that I will press for a full investigation in this matter but you cannot withhold the extension of my driving license.

Grozdan Popov

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