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Friday, November 26, 2010

Why is "The Girl from Macedonia" pissed off?

Tanja Milevska is a journalist.
Her mother is one, a very well informed and sharp correspondent for Macedonian media from Brussels.
Her grandfather and her grandmother were also big time journalists.
In her latest article she sort of whines for the missed opportunity to drag the attention of her colleagues during the recent NATO summit in Lisbon to the "Macedonian question" there unanimously pushed under the rug.
Of what I gathered, she was not given the chance to air her well prepared question at the joint press conference of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and President Karzai of Afghanistan. Since everybody around her knew that "the girl from Macedonia" will have a rhetoric question about Macedonia - she was skipped, her risen hand disregarded.

She felt frustrated.
Eventually, latter, she had seen the light. This is how she tries to declare she is turning a new page in her work.

"There I was in a huge press room with prominent journalists from all over the world fighting to put questions about the new global security challenges, while outside the venue peace activists were demonstrating against nuclear weapons and Portugal was readying for massive protests against poverty…. and all I could think about was the negotiations about Macedonia’s name.

I’m not saying the name issue is insignificant. But it would surely be a good thing if the country were to get out of that narrow hole and take a look at what’s going on outside. If nothing else, it would take some of the drama about the inevitable change to the name of our country. "

I sincerely hope that she will prove with the stuff she files that Macedonia has what to say and discuss with the world apart of the issue with Greek absurd and self-destructive intransigence. She may indeed help many to follow her example.

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