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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Serbs join Greeks in attack on Macedonia

The alert against the Serbian kitsch in Macedonia does not have anything racial
as Latas implies because the Serbs and Macedonians are same white race.
There is kitsch everywhere all right, but Serbian kitsch is something different
The Serbian kitsch is, eh, the king of kitsch.
So why did Latas made this up?

There is no doubt that the peaceful and through the course of time stoically enduring Macedonians are again harassed, exposed to a brutal, joint, aggressive pressures and intimidations emanating from the political dens in Athens and Belgrade. This harassment is dangerous for both the region and for Europe as whole. The aim of the intentionally lightly veiled plot is to question the international legality of the Macedonian language, culture and ethnicity, the right of the Macedonian people on their hearth and home, albeit the legality of the otherwise internationally recognized territory of the sovereign countries that 129 UN member-states address as the Republic of Macedonia.

The implications of this synchronized attack on Macedonia are deadly serious.


The Greek diplomacy and money-laden lobbying groups have succeeded to involve the United Nations administration into a dirty, illogical, losing gambit of sacrificing every single principle of the Charter of the World organization only and only to eradicate the term "Macedonian language" from the UN official ID of Macedonia absurdly referred to as FYROM. The eradication was annulled after the lightning intervention of Mr. Miloshoski, the foreign minister with the secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon. The public still awaits the detailed explanation how was such "a mistake" possible, who executed it and what or who and when with what motivation enticed the UN official to act illegally.

This affair illustrates how imperfect may be the official documents of the United Nations and how easy it is to amend a far reaching texts disturbing or endangering not groups but whole nations. Such an affair may not remain veiled and every single detail of it must be exposed to the full General Assembly of nations.

The proposed line of action is badly needed.
It will, in my opinion, point to the head of the Hellenic state as a culprit in a joint act of defrauding the international institution, the Security Council of the UN, with intention for group or personal profit in the form of influence, power, position, moneys or all of those simultaneously. Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the president of Greece, signed the Interim Accord, an obligatory document that binds Greece NOT to block the other party of that accord (the Republic of Macedonia) from accession to international organizations, But the man said today that Greece will effectively block the admission of RM in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization tomorrow in Lisbon. This is the case for the International Court in the Hague.

Greece, therefore, opposes the will of all the other NATO member-states, 129 UN member-states not out of spite but because of its interests in the future of the Balkans. Those interests are secret and obviously transformed into plans and plots. The first ally in such a scheme are obviously influential circles in the Republic of Serbia. Those circles act ever more aggressively against the stability of Macedonia, their southern neighbor. While one (the northern) part of Macedonia badly suffered more than 80 years under brutal Serbian yoke, the other (southern or Aegean) was ethnically cleansed by savage, atrocious Greek occupation. Until 1941 Greece and the Serbian (Yugoslav) kingdoms shared borders on somebody else's homestead. Both occupiers brought into Macedonia of the Macedonians their settlers, in numerous cases brigands, murderers and gendarmes ruled by a thin layer of tradesmen, bureaucrats and "educators" with nationalistic and expansionist agendas.

The remnants of those settlers are now rabidly active in and against the Macedonian definitive integration within the family of nations under the centuries old name of its population. There is no point evading the fact that a significant majority of Macedonians considered themselves (until the 19-twenties or thirties) as brethren with the Bulgarian folk. There are abundant documents that point out to the definitive formation of the national cognition as separate, distinctive ethnicity after the 19-thirties. Personally, I myself do not mind if the definitive, firm and lasting comprehension of my compatriots as Macedonians begins with the first ASNOM and I do not care of Alexander the Great, the king of Macedon or Samoil, the unfortunate Emperor with his court in Ohrid.


But I do care when people today threaten the freedom of speech, intimidate editors and journalists with criminal proceedings when they publish a title pointing to the "Serbian kitsch". So, an editor of daily newspaper, "Vecer" (Evening), scared the with of the Macedonian nation by announcing he rises as a gallant saviour in defense of the Serbian nation, name and honor. The guy is a brazen type who does not mince his words. He is of course a Serb who has been living in Macedonia for years, a capable journalists who dominated the Macedonian tv-programes (he is fluent in the local language) and now edits a popular daily. So, this man, widely known by the nickname Latas, alias Dragan Pavlovic, has written and signed a threat that he will take to court a bunch of people because (according to him) they enticed ethnic hatred and racism.

Well, naives might think that Latas is fighting for larger circulation of "Vecer" or for influence through notoriety. He might. But he is actually the opening the attack from all guns against the rights of his colleagues on a freedom of speech implying that the Macedonian population of this small country is actually a crowd of ethnically intolerant racists who hate the Serbs. This stupidity will be taken up and drummed by the Serbian press. The Greeks will jump on the platform too with "it is not only us, the Serbs are endangered by the Macedonians" and so on and so forth. There are about 1,3 million Macedonians squeezed between something like 16 million Greeks and Serbs, notorious for their ancestors' role in subjugating Macedonia.

All this is synchronized and explodes a night before the NATO summit in Lisbon. Now, I will profess that NATO will disintegrate if Macedonia is not invited to join it. It will disintegrate because Macedonia cannot financially survive as an independent state without some formalized external help. Macedonia has endured 20 years of chicanery but I doubt it can hold on another 20. Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia cannot single-handedly manage Macedonia. This becomes a bundle, a Gordian knot but composed of human emotions and blood, not threads of wool to be cut without profuse bleeding all around.

If Latas files a case against enticing racial hatred, no court in Macedonia will dare dismiss it. But the alert against the Serbian kitsch in Macedonia does not have anything racial, Serbs and Macedonians are same white race. Or are they? There is kitsch all right, but Serbian kitsch is something different, recognizable. There is sure Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek and German kitsch, but Serbian kitsch is, eh, the king of kitsch. So why did he make all this up?

My educated guess is that he was asked to do so.
Maybe, if you comment enthusiastically, I will agree to disclose who do I think instructed this smart guy Latas, the journalists who so many people love to hate.

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